Our Products

Honey Bee Orchard provides our customers with the best quality products. We offer sauces, jams and jellies grown on our own farm as well as excellent quality, locally sourced goods.

Most Popular

These are some of our most popular products.

Raw Honey

Honey Bee Orchard is pleased to offer Crystal's Raw Honey. What is Raw Honey, you might ask? It is honey that has been harvested directly from the comb and is unpasteurized. It is unfiltered, and free of additives, leaving some of the natural pollen "bee-hind". Raw honey may contain some beeswax and crystalizes more readily. Any crystals are normal and a hallmark of quality. The varieties we carry are Raw Cranberry, Raw Blueberry and Raw Wildflower.

Bee Pollen

Another popular item is our all-natural Bee Pollen. Bee Pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein. It is said to be good for the immune system and can help relieve seasonal allergies. It can be mixed into baked good, sprinkled on to your yogurt, or even eaten straight.

Several of our customers swear by its benefits!

Apple Cider

From our orchards to you, fresh apple cider is available seasonally!

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